5 Must Read Inspirational Book of All Time

Reading brings knowledge & with knowledge comes power. As Edward Bulwer-Lytton said in his novel “A Pen Is Mightier Than A Sword”, just like that, reading books can teach us more than what we learn browsing the internet. People are inspired by the acts of other people. Bravery, knowledge, motivation, strength etc may be what inspires you. But you would never know the true inspirational story behinds one man’s/woman’s success until they say it to you through their own words.

Inspirational Books

And this is where the knowledge empowered in books comes into the play. Yes, you might have heard an inspirational story of a person on the internet, through videos or blogs. BUT to dive into the feeling of the inspiration that they felt, you have to hear it from their own writing.

So here is a list of inspirational books, that you should read from.  Know the true meaning of inspiration from the writers own words.

5 Inspirational Book that You Must Read:

1. Oh the Places You Will Go By Dr. Seuss

A book that disquiets the challenges that one have to face in the journey of life. This is an inspirational book for those who have switched to a new life, which may be after college, or a loss, or a decision of changing one’s life. In a small glimpse, the book talks about a character who left the town on his/her own. And traveling through places, the books talk about “The Waiting Place” which is a place where the character has been waiting to reach and for something to happen. The book concludes with an open end of the character being the reader’s own thoughts.

Inspirational books

It can also be a great book to be gifted to someone. To inspire them about their life, and to give them a soft push to overcome the obstacles in life.

2. The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz

The Four Agreements is my personal favorite, teaching you to let go all the thing that doesn’t matter in life. The narrator talks about life-changing tips (“life hacks” as modern people would say) which will help you be inspired. The book teaches the reader about how not to be assumpting, to try the best in every aspect, not to take a loss or anything personally and to be appreciable with the word you speak.

Inspirational book

This book can be an excellent example for those who are a little confused with life. I would suggest this book as an escape for those who are caught in the with their life, even through the simplest things.

3. The One Thing By Gary Keller

A book revealing the secret to success in the writer’s own words. Gary Keller talks about how a little focus can bring you close to grabbing you the “One Thing” that you want to achieve in life. With over 2million sold copies, The One Thing is definitely one that you should read if you want to learn to focus more in life.

Inspiration book

The books talk about how you can cut through the clutter, achieve great results in less time, helping you to build momentum to reach your goals and ceasing your stress to existing. The one Thing by Gary Keller is worth a read for sure.

4. The Last Lecture By Randy Pausch

Every little thing in life should be enjoyed, Randy Pausch in his book “The Last Lecture” can teach you a ton. As Randy Pausch had cancer, he still talks all about the inspiring and loving aspects of life. The book is all about the secrets which made people around him think him to be in perfectly healthy while he was dying from cancer. He talks how he wasn’t sad that he is dying but was happy he enjoyed his life. Randy Pausch’s The Last Lecture can really touch one’s, heart with his over welling inspiration and his childhood stories.


A book worth reading a million time, hope you enjoy this book to the fullest. This book sold over 5 million copies in the US itself and was translated into 48 different languages. The book was said to be brought out as a movie but Pausch turned it down saying “there’s no reason to do the book, but if it’s telling the story of the lecture in the medium of film, we already have that”. Now can now decide to read or not to read.

5. Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert T. Kiyosaki

An inspiring book about the writer’s own life. Rich Dad, Poor Dad is a book about how the written has grown up in his life. Learning about the differences in the upbringing of what a rich kid is taught about money which can’t be taught by poor and middle-class family. This book teaches the reader about wealth which he owns and which he doesn’t. The book also talks about the vitality of investment and entrepreneurial skills.

Inspirational books

Though John T.Reed who is an American Businessman criticizes about the book. You be the judge after reading the book.

There you have, these are the 5 inspirational book that you will definitely love reading. Let these book bring positive changes in your life, help you inspire other and through the ups and downs in life.

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