Best Bedtime Story Books for Kids Mental Developement

Being a parent, it is a very special time when we hear our baby speak his/her first word. And starting that day, we start thinking about their vocabularies and mental development. Initially, it is the high contrast picture story books which kids can look at and learn to understand. And with growing age initially, when they are 2-3 years old we have to teach them to sleep alone. And this is the time when we tend to read story books to make them fall asleep.

Research shows that reading storybooks to kids, doesn’t only deepens the bond between parents, but also help them develop more mentally. This starts with reading books with simple stories. And then moving to more interesting and adventurous books which help the kids to learn new words. Later, not so far in time kids starts reading by themselves out of curiosity to know more stories.

So, if you are also searching for books that you can read to your kid/s or give them for reading, then here is a list of the best bedtime story books for kids.

The Best Bedtime Story Books for Kids for Development:

Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? BY Bill Martin Jr. And Eric Carle

Bedtime Story Books

This is a really creative book by Bill Martin Jr. & Eric Carle which contains boldly colored arts. It is a classical bedtime story book which has different animals who talk slowly about the animal who is on the next page, a proper guessing & thinking gives a slow start for guessing colors, new words and animal names.

Splat the Cat BY Rob Scotton

Bedtime Story Book

A cute story about a cat who goes to school and enjoys playing with mice. This book can become a source of a great story making for kids and help them leave behind the fear of going to school in later age. The book contains tender moments to enjoy and is also physically humorous.

Where the Wild things Are BY Maurice Sendak

Bedtime Story Books

This book by Maurice Sendak is an adventurous book which is worth reading to kids. In this book, Maurice Sendak’s magical takes off in a boat. He then encounters not so scary roaring monster with terrible teeth. This is a great book to read out to kids during bedtime dinner which may include items whey don’t like to eat.

Pajama Time BY Sandra Boynton

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If you kid is into jumping here and there while sleeping, well this book is a great choice. Why not take their jumping and dancing around to a good way with Sandra Boynton’s Pajama time story to make them go to sleep quickly.

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Goodnight Moon BY Margaret Wise Brown and Clement Hurd

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Well, this is a book which can refresh even your memories. Remember as a child, reading about a rabbit who talks and says goodnight to every object in the room, well this book is also about the same. Looking and guess the name of different objects in the room will help kids learn more logically. you can even add more items in the room making bedtime fun and more learnable.

Guess How Much I Love You BY Sam McBratney and Anita Jeram

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This book is an excellent way to create more bonding for children with their parents. Here in the book by Sam McBratney & Anita Jeram, talks about a little bunny. And how the little bunny tries to explain to his parents how much he loves them. The books contain a lot of cute expressions and affections illustrations.

Pinkalicious BY Victoria Kann and Elizabeth Kann

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Worried about kids not eating veggies and curious stuff on the dinner plate? Well, this book talks about an adorable yet cautionary cute story of bad things of eating too many pink cupcakes and too many sweet things. How would that help? the books talk about 1 prescription which is healthy proto & green food.

One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue FishBY Dr.Seuss

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Full of creative and colorful rhyme, Dr.Seuss has taken brilliant steps with art and colors to explain the underwater life for kids. A really colorful book explaining and increasing the creativity of the kids.

And here you have it, a list of 7-bed time books that you can choose to read to your kids. These books will not be boring to readout even for the reader and kids will surely love to hear the stories again and again.

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