Signs of A Truly Humble Leader

humble leader
The world depends on ideas to move on. These ideas are provided by the leaders, whom we look upon as our role model. Are leaders some demigods? No. They are very much human as you and I are. What makes them so different from us then? It’s just not their ideas, but their attitude in visioning the life. The humbleness that they... more →
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How to Create Space to Heal and De-stress

Life is sometimes a burden, but still, the wonderful gift one can ever cherish. A burden because you find yourself trapped in situations that give you awful experiences. Dealing with responsibilities and duties proves to make you tired of life, sometimes even a nervous breakdown. Though that is an extreme situation, still, you feel... more →
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Simple Steps to Live a More Authentic Life

authentic life
Living an authentic life seems extremely heart touching when heard. In actual can we maintain it always? The answer is ‘bit difficult’. But still, we must seek to live a life full of original lawful values and ways of life. When the whole world is heading towards complexities, you may find yourself to be a fool to pursue... more →
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