The First Steps Toward Creating a Life You Love

Does this fast progressing world has any place for the life that you love to have? Can you afford to put the love lists in front of the harsh real requirements of your life? It might be hard for you, the reason why your eyes are searching for answers on this page. Dear, release all your doubts and disturbances and follow the whole page covering The First Steps Toward Creating a Life You Love. 

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Our mind needs a lot of things to get satisfied. Our heart remains happy with the small things overwhelmed by pure emotions. The overwhelming charming nature of the heart can be attained very easily if you really follow your insights, your intuitions. This is what we actually fail. This is what you too have failed to follow and now, you are looking to breathe your heart with oxygen full of happiness.

The First Steps Toward Creating a Life You Love- 4 Brilliant Vision

If you believe in your today then it is important for you to decide how you are in today. Rather than thinking how you will be in your future. Today is the gift in our hand. The handling of the sensational gift decides our tomorrow. Working hard to be happy and doing injustice with your emotions can never hold the same meaning. We would love to call the mentioned ‘steps’ as ‘visions’. As they will direct you to understand the truth behind sacrificing by working hard and sacrificing being unjust to your emotions.

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  • Listen to your Heart than your Mind

Falling in love is an aspect of the heart, not your mind. You can’t fall in love by thinking the pros and cons. The mind thinks and acclaims what is advantageous for you and what is not. Your heart follows what your soul wants or craves for. The mind views the practical reality of life and keeps in front of you. We work hard for attaining satisfaction and being happy. Happiness is totally connected with heart than mind.

follow the heart

Then what is the point in satisfying your mind subsidizing your heart? Successful people followed their heart rather than their mind. The practical reality most of the times put in front of us the voice of the outside world. As Shiv Khera said it is important to answer the question what makes our lives significant when we reach the rim of our age. The answer must be the content that we achieved following what the heart had shown.

  • Organize your Power

We all are exclusive from each other, in terms of power too. We hold power or the inner genius within us. This is the x-factor that we often fail to figure out. The working of the inner genius and the interest generation on a topic or a task or anything go hand in hand. You must have realized how hard it was for you to learn a simple answer that you never felt interested in. Thus, inner power and the path paving for a lovable life hooks together.

inner power

Once you realize what makes you feel happy and love your life, you must accumulate the power to move accordingly. A successful person knew how to channelise their inner genius despite all the difficulties and hurdles. The quality to organize and channelise the power that you are holding inside you makes you one of a kind. Who can then stop you to achieve what you always desired for?

  • Have Honest Determination

Having a dream and following it doesn’t gift you the life you would love to have. For that, you need to seek out the qualities hidden inside you and have to be determined enough to follow them. Watching a dream and to follow it is very difficult. Honest not only means to speak truth to others. It means to remain truthful to your conscious. It means to remain sincere to yourself too.


A determined person has a strong and stable foundation. It is just like that aged Banyan tree. A Banyan tree grows out from tiny seeds. But the determination to grow, make him huge that it stands out as the symbol of centuries of generation. The honest determination to follow the heart must gift you with the life that you wish to live. It is always you who end up choosing which life you want to dwell in.

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  • Follow the Inspiration

Inspiration is the insight that we view from the teachings of others. We all have a role model in our life. Do you know how we choose somebody as our role model? Nobody can ever force us to choose somebody and to find inspiration from their struggles, from their success. It’s our heart who make us believe in our role model. It’s our heart that chooses the one without even consenting with us.


To live a life full of happiness, peace and prosperity it’s important to be satisfied and content. This is only possible to follow the heart, to constantly remain in touch with the inspiration of our life. Inspirations vary from person to person and also a person might have multi ways of inspiration. To frame up that life you love the most, you need to maintain your determination. And it can only be maintained if you keep yourself inspired continuously to remain motivated.

The First Steps Toward Creating a Life You Love are the ingredients that will help you to chose how to seek for that love and happiness you are searching for. The question of choosing a path to follow is secondary. First of all, you need to know how to analyze your choosing decision. The primary four incredible steps mentioned above will surely prove to create an amazing life that you desire to have, that you desire to dwell in.

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