Lessons I Learned From The Failure Of My First Startup

A startup can be anything first in your career life. My first startup was publishing a commercial magazine that mainly focused the cultural and literary aspects. As I never believed that the correct time will come and knock my luck door. I just started it when I felt I should. No doubt I had some preparations done in my mind. But had no clue what life has in return for me. Still believing my noble plan I stepped in for what I planned. Though I am not a complete failure now but have tasted some slices of it. This page is all about the Lessons I Learned From the Failure of My First Startup.

It is very obvious that you can not raise the building of your dreams without some flaws in decisions. Even the wonders of the world carry some imperfection with them. But noticing the imperfections at bud level and correcting it then is much different than noticing after it is set up. The wonders of this world, not only the heritage sites, are based on the imperfectly perfect concept of building and developing.

Lessons I Learned From the Failure of My First Startup:

I faced times when I thought to let go my dream. The failures grasped me from all around to shatter my self-confidence. As you know for attaining perfection you need to believe in yourself. Standing at that crisis point it was hard for me to take the wise decisions. It is then when I realized watching a dream and seeking it are opposites. But as you know opposites attract. Ans so did it. In my journey of attaining success, my purpose led my efforts by taking lessons from my failures.

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  • Face the Reality

My dream was to publish a literary and cultural based magazine. The magazine will work as per an organization set up. Also, it will proceed further as a publishing house and then an NGO. My dream plan is really smooth and noble, there is no doubt in it. I even spoke with people active in these fields. Initially, much before starting with my project I got huge appreciation from everyone everywhere. But mind you the scenario went topsy-turvy when finally I wanted to give it a form. I faced the harsh reality then. Though till date, the dream is on in its exact form but the pace got much more cautious and careful.

Except for some from the huge bouquet of encouraging lot I got no one as true supporters. I faced how hard it was to collect articles. Also, it sometimes took my nerve out in pleasing the writers and poets for their writings and support. I felt extra pressures from all over the people around me as they expect priorities and oiling from me for them. The attitude of people got changed overnight. I also had to face the harsh reality of the distance between the expenditure and income. The judgmental attitude of people for the new magazine added fuel to the fire.

  • Focus on the Quality

Anything established attracts people. People can easily put their faith, sense their ability on anything and anyone established. I don’t disagree with the attitude of people over here because somewhere or the other I too presumed so. I had no clue that for my magazine my attitude of presuming the quality of anything startup will get a boomerang. In spite of mixing with the like people, I had to play really hard in collecting the writings and organizing the publication ceremony of the mag. Some senior writers even commented and ignored my request by telling that, “Okay work on and let an issue get published.”

They were very kind in their words but any startup dreamer can only understand how these words nail the heart and mind full of dreams. I became impulsive to collect and publish any write ups despite going through the quality. But thankfully, or may be fortune bestowed on me, my man had a one-third proportion of unique and one-third proportion of good write ups. Later the feedback that I got was that people really appreciated my first try. I could sense they demanded the mixture of good and unique write ups than the average one.

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  • Neat Planning

My startup days had given me failures. I became upset, felt hopeless. My ego also grew to its highest level. I also felt people are too hypocrite and diplomatic. The once known people became strangers to me. The once called friends became envious just by seeing my try. I started to think my dream to be the unrealistic one. But every time I became impatient I found those finger counted supporters by me. Giving excellent ideas at times when I had no clue about what next.

In my journey, at every point of failure, I always repented about my actions. I felt awkward for my steps taken. As there is a saying darkness carries light within itself, don’t know how I believed in it. This belief made me continue my work with good and bad decision and finish off with the first issue that has been started already. Also as it was an issue of prestige. The one thing that I realized that you need to have a neat plan, though not possible always. But you need to attain the neatness as much as possible for not leaving a place for guilt or anger.

Failure is the stepping stone to success. In the journey of attaining my dream, I realized that success demands purpose. You can not have cent percent perfection, but trying to attain it will serve your purpose. Today I have started with the third issue of the mag and is going to publish a book written by the scholarly writers of my place. I thank the troubles that came to my way. Each time I passed through the difficulties I came out to be more mature and sensible. Till date, I am facing failures but now it does not bother me as it did in the beginning. Glad that the Lessons I Learned From the Failure of My First Startup is proving to open the gate of accomplishment for me.

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