Top 8 Motivational Books for Students

Reading books teach us many things in our various aspects of life such as academic, competitive, and entertainment. It teaches us what is good and bad in the world; it also teaches us science, social, literature, etc. Actually, books are one of the important guidance in the course of our life. Motivation is also one of the key things that we get from the books; there are many motivational books that can motivate us to do any kind of work of our own.

motivational books

This kind of books are mainly needed for students for their guidance to a very bright motivated future so that they can succeed in the goals they are destined with. Here in this article, I am going to mention some of the best selling Motivational books for the student.

Motivational Books for Students:

1. The Happiness Project:

This is a very inspirational book by Gretchen Rubin, in this book she shows us the struggle of women for the quest for happiness. In her “happiness project,” the author has tried to go through every aspect of her life. In this book, you will find how she has discovered the true happiness by searching and struggling through every phrase of her life.

the happiness project

2. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People – Powerful lesion in Personal Change:

This is a very motivational book by Steven R. Covey , and it was first published in 1990. This book is very effective for students for their personal success. Many people list this book as one of the most impactful and inspiring book ever written. This book is all about how one can balance between professional and personal life for achieving success in both the fields.

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

3. The Last Lecture:

The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch, narrates the motivational story of him suffering from cancer and when he was told to give his last and final lecture before his retirement. And the lecture he gives his last lecture about “Really Achieving Your Childhood Dream” and in this he discussed how to overcome the obstacles and know the dreams and change it to reality.

The Last Lecture

4. Winning:

Winning by Jack Welch, he is the former CEO of General Electric’s and founder of Strayer University’s.  He has written this book with his wife Suzy Welch and shown us some of the analyzed business wisdoms. Here in this book you can know some of the important tips and can also the solutions of some difficult questions.


5. The Secret:

The Secret by Rhonda Byrne became popular in 2006 upon its publication. The book contains the in-depth story of the scientists, philosopher, and professor of the modern world. And all of these professionals has shared the story of their positive thinking that changed their life and how can this have the potential of changing others life too.

The Secret

6. The Success Principle – How to get from where You Are to Where You Want to Be:

The Success Principle – How to get from where You Are to Where You Want to Be is written by Jack Canfield and in this book he shows us the 64 times – tested principles used by people throughout the history. He shows us real life inspirational stories shared by people who have used these principles for success in their respective lives.

The Success Principle

7. Game Plan for Life – Your Personal Playbook for Success:

This book by Joe Gibbs is a relevant guide to achieving success in life such as living the life of purpose, the right vocation, finding, finance, relationship, spiritual health, etc. In this book, he points 11 important topics for men and shows us how to lead a successful life.

game plan for life

8. Steve Jobs:

Steve Jobs By Walter Isaacson is one of the most motivational books, in this book he displays the life span of the founder of Apple Steve Jobs. He narrates the passion and hard work behind the success of Apple. And also the personal values and dedication Steve jobs have during his struggle.

steve jobs

The above written are the most lovable books use by people for getting motivated. This book shows us how one can get success or lead an inspirational life for himself and his family. These books are very good for motivating students for achieving their goals.

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    I recommend Tailored Dreams by Daniel Christian Bradley. It’s a leadership, motivational and inspiring read. I think anyone that can help us leave things better than we found them is a great thing! is his site for his info and info on the book!

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