Top 5 Motivational Speakers Who Will Turn Your Life Around!!

Motivation is quite important in each and every person’s life. At times when people feel low, motivation is what that helps them to get back up.

Self-motivation is something that helps you in moving forward. But what happens when self-motivation doesn’t work anymore? This is where the Motivational Speakers come into play. They provide you the right kind of boost that is needed at that very moment.

best Motivational Speakers

Here are some of the best motivational speakers that you can listen to when you feel that self-motivation is not working.

Best Motivational Speakers of All Time:

There are tons of Motivational Speakers available out there. The people who have been listed here are some of the best according to me. Check out the list of motivational Speakers down below.

Eric Thomas:

Eric Thomas is a leading motivational speaker across the globe. But do you know he had undergone many hardships during his childhood? Furthermore, he was homeless at the age of 16 but he decided to live a respected life for which he worked hard a lot?

Motivational Speakers to change your life

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Tony Robbins:

Tony Robbins another great motivational speaker who was born on 29th Feb 1990 in Los Angeles. As he describes his life, it was full of trouble and chaos as he left home at the age of 17. At the beginning of his career he was promoting seminars of Jim Rohn but later he decided to host his own seminar accordingly.

Tim Robbins Motivational Speakers

Tony Robbins has changed many people’s life by his motivation speeches and by his book. You can easily search for his motivational videos on YouTube. Speaking about his book, it is one of the best motivational books which earned a lot of revenue.

Les Brown:

Les Brown a very popular motivational speaker who has changed many people’s life by his motivational speeches. He was born in Maimi Florida on 17th Feb. 1945. Les Brown was adopted by Mamie brown. Whilst in grade school it was declared Less was mentally retarded. Despite all these things, he was encouraged by many people which took him up till this.

Motivational Speakers Less Brown

You can easily get his videos on YouTube. Many say his videos are so touching that it brought them back up on their feet quite a lot of times. In fact, he has written few motivational book and among those, It’s not over until you win and Live your Dream are the best selling books.

Arnold Schwarzenegger:

Who doesn’t know this man? A very successful Bodybuilder, Actor, and A Politician? Many people across the globe follow him. He was born on 30th July 1947 in Austria. But everyone has seen his success and not the hardships that he had to face to achieve this success. His struggle and dedication were a motivation to many.

Motivational Speakers and personality

He had served in the army for a year at the age of 18 which was compulsory at that time. However, besides having hard rules and hard works he managed time for his workout after his duty where his other mates would have taken rest. He was very dedicated toward body building. He skipped the army training and went to participate in body building competitions like Junior Mr. Europe contest which he won.

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Zig Ziglar:

Zig Ziglar was one of the best motivational speakers of all time. He was born on November 6th, 1926 in Alabama and expired on 28th November 2012. Zig Ziglar had to face a very big tragedy in his life at the age of five his father died and after two days his sister died. He even served in the army during the World War II. Once the war was over he started to work as a salesman in different companies and later became vice president of an automotive company.

Motivational Speakers of all time

Afterward, he became an active participator in giving motivational speeches in seminars and wrote many books. His first book was launched in 1975 which was ‘See you at the point’ which was a tremendous hit. He is no doubt the best motivational speaker in the world.

In conclusion, It’s not like the motivation that you seek need to come from these people mentioned here only. However, motivation can come from anyone, as everyone can motivate one another. I would suggest that you check out these people as they will provide you with the right kind of mindset when there is no one around. I hope that this will be helpful to you.

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