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Display 5.8 inch Quad HD + Super AMOLED
Memory4 GB RAM | 64 GB ROM | Expandable upto 256 GB

How to buy the first Ripple?

For advanced users, it is not so tough to buy Ripples. But beginners do not know how to buy the first Ripple. No need to get worried as this topic will guide you about how to buy your first Ripple XRP in detail. We have grabbed some of the best ways through which you can purchase your first Ripple in a safe and secure way.  One thing we want to clear you that the fastest and free service is provided by Ripple to make payment globally.

You can use a variety of methods according to your satisfaction to buy the first Ripple. There is no any direct process to buy the Ripple XRP. But using the services from other companies you can easily buy your first Ripple. Now we will start to give you the full details to buy the first Ripple using the following methods discussed below.

How to buy the first Ripple using various ways?

Use Ripple Wallet

Do not store or hold the Ripple on exchanges. Choose the digital wallet or offline wallet like Ledger Nano S to store your XRP in a safe zone. Then you are free to send and receive your payments with XRP.  

Ripple is a crypto currency which cannot be mined. Thus user needs to purchase the Ripple using the following processes given below. We are listing out the basic detail to buy the Ripple with every source given below. 

Using Coin Mama:

At first, we will talk about the Coin Mama. Coin mama allows you to buy the Bitcoins using your credit card from any country in an ease. After buying the Bitcoin you just simply need to convert the Bitcoin into Ripple XRP using the Binance service.

Using Bit Panda:

As like Coin mama, you need to buy the Bitcoin using the Bit Panda at first. Once you have bought it using your credit card, now convert the Bitcoin to XRP using Binance.

Using Bank Account:

If you are living in the USA then you need to use your bank account to purchase Bitcoin via Coinbase or like a similar service provider. After purchasing the Bitcoin, simply convert the Bitcoin into XRP using the service of Binance.

On the other hand, if you are living in Europe just use the Bit Panda. Rather than that for other countries, the site will find the Bitcoin exchange service which accepts the bank transfer. Then you can convert the Bitcoin into Ripple within 10 minutes.

Using PayPal:

Directly user can not able to buy the Ripple with PayPal. At first, you need to buy the Bitcoin via PayPal. Then use Binance to convert your Bitcoin into XRP.    

Using Bitcoin:

As we already told you that there is no direct way to buy the Ripple in general. Thus you need to purchase the Bitcoin at first via various sources. And then convert the Bitcoin into Ripple XRP using the Binance or like similar services.

Using Cash:

At first, we want to tell you that purchasing XRP with cash is not available yet. So you can buy the Bitcoin at first with your cash and then just simply convert the Bitcoin into XRP using the service like Changelly.

Using Ethereum:

Ethereum is easy to grab using mining, buy with cash, credit cards and much more. Thus after purchasing the amount of Ethereum, you can exchange or convert it into Ripple accordingly. Directly there is no way to purchase the Ripple XRP with Ethereum. 

Using Skrill:

Only the Bit Panda allows the Europeans to purchase the Ripple with Skrill. Rather than that there is no way to use Skrill for buying the XRP or Ripple.

Finally, we want to suggest you that before investing your money in crypto currency please be safe as always. Because there are some fraud exchangers also available who grabs your money by applying the name of reputed companies. Without knowing the current market values and trends do not invest your money in digital currencies. Hope you all are satisfied with the information provided here about how to buy the first Ripple using the above methods. If you also need the same service then feel free to contact the official site of Ripple for getting more details.  

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