Things You Can Learn From Hitting Rock Bottom

Life is the incredible school that teaches us innumerable things every moment. It is a beautiful gift even at the darkest hours. You know that life is colorful. It cannot be confined within the extremities of either black or white. At times we confront situations when nothing goes right, nothing seems to get right even. That is the time when the adage, Hitting Rock Bottom, find its meaning. It is the phrase we use when we get the Wake-Up call of our life. The wake-up call teaches you the truth of life that matures you and make you find what life is all about. The page represents the Things You Can Learn From Hitting Rock Bottom.

We set alarm to release ourselves from the clasp of the unconscious dreams. It wakes us up to start a fresh day freshly with a conscious body and mind. So is what life tells us every time we hit the bottom of the rock that after every darkness there is light. The light of hope. The journey for the search of the light enriches us the seriousness of life. It makes life to be more valuable ever before.

Things You Can Learn From Hitting Rock Bottom:

You can renovate your house as often you wish, keeping the foundation of the building intact. But when you hit the very foundation of it, it does not count as renovation, it is said to recreate the house. Same is with your life too. Ups and downs are natural in our life. But when your life gets uprooted from a known state to something really unknown it causes devastation. Though every storm gets fixed at some point in time, the journey proves to be remarkable.

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  • Change Life’s Perspective

When you go within a turmoil period, the meaning of life is bound to change. The experiences that you face, whether willingly or unwillingly, changes the vision of life for you. That is the moment when people build certain principles, certain thoughts, and beliefs. These visions will carry you forward in your life. The new turn that life takes help you to analyze your by born habits that you demanded can not be changed ever.

The hitting rock bottom situation may not perish those habits but it has refined you into a finer human than before. The struggle makes a man. Unless you face how life is you can not face what life is. To love and appreciate the life you need to go through the toughest situations to hold some concepts based on which you will pave your way to lead the life.

  • Forces to be Optimist

When we are in difficulty we seem to view life in a most negative way. When no solutions come to our platter we have only one solution left out. It is hope. It is very interesting that during our course of struggle we try and try with a hope. We then give up when we feel no energy is left out anymore to battle off. From there the light of hope get a sudden spark and regenerates the power of its flame.

Hope is the symbol of the utmost power of being an optimist. A person with a positive attitude can only change the persistent situation. Hitting rock behind tests a person’s patience in handling the fluctuating thoughts. When you reach the situation, the satiety level, where you can think of nothing there you start to culture hope. The ultimate of being an optimist.

  • Develop Let Go Attitude

When you have more you are never satisfied. When you have less you get happy even with a slightest of that you lack. Hitting rock behind teaches us to let go of the unnecessary thoughts and feelings that will ultimately bring nothing to us. Developing such attitude is the stepping stone to reach out the light of positivity.

The more we release ourselves from the anxiety, the more fear gets out of our mind. We then become calm to take any decision. As we know anything wrong can force us to pay a huge toll. We, therefore, learn to let go our emotions and think twice before being impulsive to anything.

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  • Develops Trust and Responsibility

Trusting yourself means trusting the decision made by you. It may sound very sweet. Unless you have your responsibility on the decision taken. The journey of hitting rock behind situation may prove to take some worse decisions in your life. But the experience teaches you to cultivate enough enlightenment in developing trust on oneself with a bold sense of responsibility.

You trust upon your parents, even on your teachers. It is because you know that they have seen much world than you have. It means they are more experienced in facing such hitting rock situations than you are. That is the reason why in every decision of your life they have the unsaid right for placing opinions. Simultaneously, this is the reason why everytime you must count their opinions too.

Nobody achieve success in a one day. Winning a war should not be our focus. We should prepare ourselves for the battle of life. So did all the great people of this world did. They burnt in the fire of struggle to earn the pride and respect that they actually deserve. These above Things You Can Learn From Hitting Rock Bottom will change your life for better. The better your life will be, more will you turn out to be human and respect the humanity.

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