Top 6 mic for youtubers

If you want to be a vlogger then with you need to be a creative person. Along with creative content and attractive video and sound quality you can be a good successful Youtubers. To make your video good you need a microphone along with some editing skill.  Some key equipment to start your vlogging journey is microphone, camera and a PC.  Whatever your contents, if you want to achieve more views and likes then you must need to add good quality sound along with your content.  If viewers not able to hear you well then never think to be a successful vlogger.

Some people those who are beginners start with the built in microphone in smartphone. But it is recommended not to use built in microphone as you won’t able to achieve attractive sound quality. As sound is major thing for all Youtubers so you need to spend some bucks on Microphone. Microphones are of two types, one that you can connect to your mobile or camera and other to connect with your PC.  If you are going for an expensive one then there will be no doubt that your video sound quality will be attractive. But when you are beginners then you might not afford an expensive one. So here in this list I am going to list out some popular microphone for vloggers in this list of Top 7 mic for youtubers.

Top 7 Mic for YouTubers:

Below I am listing names of microphone which is available on leading online market. Check out details of all products and choose the one to start your vlogging career.

1. Canaly PC condenser Microphone:

For clear recording and to reject unnecessary sound this mic is a great choice for youtubers.  This is a USB microphone which you can connect to your PC that will help you in presentation on a conference. The interceptors of this mic are advanced which delivers all types of natural sound clearly. It is equipped with many filters that will make your voice more clear and confident.



  • It is a perfect mic for video conferencing and for presentation work.
  • It eliminates all additional voice that present on your voice.
  • It offers high quality broadcasting and so it is widely used in many broadcasting station.
  • It comes with an adjustable stand which you can turn 180 degree as per your need.
  • To prevent sound of your breathe and wind while recording, its anti-spray sponge attached to its mic helps a lot.
  • It is a USB microphone and the length of its USB cable is suitable to fit it on perfect position as it is 98 inch long.
  • As you are looking for mic for YouTube so you need to select portable and foldable mic. You can fold this mic and take is easily wherever you travel.
  • The installation procedure of this Youtuber mic is simple as it has no complexity of software. Yes, to use this mic you no need to install software as it is just plug and use.
  • It is compatible to all computer system and so it is popular as an ideal mic for youtubers.
  • Its control panel is simple, you can change settings easily.
  • It comes with a package of an USB mic, 1 stand, 1 mic clip, 1 anti-sponge  and a manual book.

2. Lavalier Lapel Microphone :

For noise cancelling and also for an uninterrupted recording this mic is best those are searching for mic for youtubers. It is a well-functioning mic and comes with a many advanced equipment that offers clear and clean sound to all YouTubers. You can connect this mic to any smartphone as it is compatible with all platforms as android, iOS  and windows phone.

mobile mic


  • It is compatible to all types of smartphone and its jack is 3.5 MM which easily get connected to all devices.
  • It is a suitable mic for vlogging; It is a suitable mic for vlogging, YouTube podcast and to record your own rap or music.
  • It has a clip so that you can attach it to your shirt while recording a video or during presentation.
  • As it does not require any additional equipment as battery, you can easily record video with this mic.
  • Sound qualities that this mic offers are tremendous and high quality, which is the main cause of its popularity among all Youtubers.
  • It is a suitable microphone for those who travel to many places to record video for their YouTube channel.
  • It has a metallic mount that hold the mic securely to your cloth.
  • It can record sound from a distance of 3 meters reason for which it is known as a sensitive mic for YouTubers.
  • It is easy to use as there is no requirement of software. You just plug the jack and start recording.
  • This mic also comes with a long cable of 59 inch, result for which you can easily attach to your selfie stick or on tripod.
  • It is suitable mic for both indoor and outdoor recording.
  • On purchase you will get a complete package of 59 inch cord, mount clip and a wind muff.

3. Soonhua mic for youtubers:

It can detect and record sound from 360 degree direction for which it also can be an ideal mic for Youtubers. Its output is clean and it eliminates all un wanted sound as sound of breathe and wind from the recording. It is popular and maximum people are using this mic for chatting, music recording and many more. It is a suitable mic for singers, instrument players and for vloggers.



  • To record during presentation, YouTube channel and for online video chatting this mic is an ideal choice.
  • It is made up of dual condenser chip that make it an sensitive and noise cancellation mic for which many popular Youtubers are using it.
  • If you are recoding a music then its filters and mesh helps you to have the best recording.
  • It works in a frequency range of 50 MHz to 16 KHz that helps it to produce a clean and natural sound.
  • It comes with a tripod which you can adjust in different direction as per your requirements.
  • No need to install any app or software as you can enjoy directly by plugging it on your PC.
  • Its usb is gold plated which makes it durable and free from rusting.
  • Its cord is wrapped with hard nylon which protects and increase longevity of the wire.
  • It is lightweight and small in size, so you easily place it on your desk and also you can travel with it.
  • It is compatible to MAC, Linux and Windows operating system.
  • The length of the tripod is 18 cm and its usb cable is 1.5 metres length.
  • Package contain mic, user manual in English and a tripod.

4. Meter Lavaliar Lapel mobile microphone:

It is a portable and easily can attach to your smartphone to record. It offers clear sound which is unbeatable and far better than other mobile microphone. To have an attractive and clear recording through your mobile this mic is a graet choice for those looking mic for vlogging.

dr meter


  • It is very sensitive in recording sound and also eliminates unwanted sound.
  • Maximum mic for youtubers comes in single user but this mic can be simultaneously used by two people. It is essential when you are recording a dual audio.
  • The cable of this mic is long lasting and as its length is 2.5 meters which help you lot in placing it on suitable place.
  • It is compatible to all handset as Android, Windows and iOS. Not only on mobile you can attached it on computer too.
  • It does not run on battery that makes it more flexible to use.
  • Comes with premium noise cancelling features.
  • It is an omni directional and condenser mic which is a sufficient to start your vlogging journey.
  • If you purchase it you can have a package of a mic, adapter, carry bag and manual written in English language.

5. Modar dual Condenser Microphone

The design of this mic is great along with its sound quality. If you want to have the original sound recording quality   that eliminates all noises then this is another best mic for youtubers. It is a USB mic which you can connect with your desktop and laptop to have superior recording.



  • Design is unique and offers high quality sound.
  • As per your vocal strength it offers unique and superior sound.
  • No need to install any software. Just plug it to your USB port and enjoy recording.
  • It is compatible to all operating system as Windows, Mac, etc.
  • It comes with a stand through which you can fix it on any position as per your requirement.
  • You can move this stand in 360 degree which will help you while recording in different direction.
  • To provide crystal clear recording it eliminates all unwanted sound produces during recording.
  • It is a perfect mic for home studio, podcasting and for youtube channel.
  • It is a very sensitive and can record low frequency sound.
  • On its package you will have one mic, usb cord, tripod stand and a user manual.

6. Professional Grade Lavalier Lapel Microphone:

With this mic you can directly record by plugging it to your smartphone. It is another best mic for those who are looking for podcast, home studio and YouTube recording. It is a professional mic and an ideal choice for Youtubers. The quality of recording that it offers is extraordinary.



  • It is another best mic for youtubers that offers flawless and noise cancelling recording.
  • It has 3.5 mm jack which you can connect to all devices as smartphone.
  • It is compatible to all smartphone operating system as android, iOS, iPod and Windows.
  • Its extension cord is durable as it is wrapped with velco.
  • Not only it is made for smartphone, you can even use it on your PC and laptop.
  • With this mic you can record sound from multiple direction.
  • It eliminates all unwanted surrounding sound.
  • It is a best choice for Youtube speech and also for selfie shooting.

You all might have go through all the details of the mic for youtubers you want to be a Youtubers then content, video and sound is very important. On Youtube subscription and likes depends on how you do the presentation. You all have idea about presentation where on every step you must try to presents clearly. To make a clear presentation sound and video quality need to be attractive which you can achieve with a good camera and a microphone. There are many mic available on both online and offline. Some really works and some are just an imitation. Among all top 6 mic for youtubers Lavalier microphone is a great choice and remains a favorite mic brand for recording.

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